Afromantinades is a project based on the encounter of African and Greek Music.

Kamelen Ngoni, Kologo, Djembe, meeting greek Bagpipes, greek lute

and the famous 'Mantinada', the improvised rhyming poetry of Crete.

Groovy and irresistible!

Lefteris Grigoriou presented the project with the trio "Lefenco" in 2018 touring in Switzerland.

Coming back this year in duo with Dimitris!

Lefteris Grigoriou – Ngoni, greek Bagpipes, Djembe, Voice

Dimitris Athanasopoulos - Cretan Lute, Kologo, greek percussion, Voice

Duo ngoni-lute

Lefteris bagpipe

Lefteris swiss tour 2018

Adresse :

17 Rue de la Serre.
La-Chaux-de- Fonds.
2300, Neuchâtel.

Contact :

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